West of the West 2017 - Roots on the Rails

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Los Angeles - New Orleans - Chicago - St. Louis - Kansas City - New Mexico - Los Angeles

August 13-25, 2017. Los Angeles - New Orleans - Chicago - St. Louis - Kansas City - New Mexico - Los Angeles

with DAVE ALVIN and friends TBA

“I just want to be back on that damn train,” says Dave Alvin, and we agree.

Join Dave Alvin and friends on an unforgettable journey across the musical heart of America. From the lights and bustle of LA, across the vast Southwestern desert landscape, past the storied cities of Yuma, Tucson, El Paso.... through sagebrush and cactus, high plains and cattle country, through Texas and the bayous of Louisiana, over the towering Huey Long bridge across the Mississippi to New Orleans. Then on the route that brought the delta blues north - the Illinois Central, "The Main Line of Mid-America", the route of the legendary City of New Orleans - through Jackson, Memphis and past the very crossroads where Robert Johnson met the original Man In Black.... to Chicago. Upon arrival, the West-to-East segment ends (hotel that night is available as an optional add-on) and the East-to-West segment begins (hotel provided).

Next day, we depart the Windy City along Route 66, the route of The Midnight Special, whose headlight, it was whispered amongst the inmates of Joliet prison -should it chance to shine on you- was a harbinger of your imminent release... to St. Louis, the Gateway to the West.After a day parked at the spectacular Union Station, we follow the wide Missouri to Kansas City, where the water tastes like cherry wine and everything is up-to-date (and where some of the best barbecue joints on earth are to be found)... Then west again on the route of the Super Chief, past Dodge City and Boot Hill, over Raton Pass (where it is unlikely to be snowing, but we can sing the song anyway) to the gorgeous city of Santa Fe. From there we again parallel Route 66, from Albuquerque to the red rocks of Gallup and the Ponderosa pines of Flagstaff, over mighty Cajon Pass into San Bernadino and then LA. Yes, this is truly a journey West of the West.

Your host is the legendary DAVE ALVIN, accompanied by longtime sideman RICK SHEA and an amazing lineup of musical guests.